“Oops [he] did it again”

I’m all about giving props where it’s due.

I can’t get around the fact that some artists self proclaim themselves to be on a level where the people that help them aren’t worth the gratitude or even a mere name drop to keep everyone happy.

Chipmunk by all means of the phrase is a good artist but whether it’s a management thing or by his own desgretion, doesn’t acknowledge the people he works with.

1st it was Emelie Sande who the public had to search for to get a name… Now it’s Dayo.

One of the Urban Development Vocal Collective members sang the hook for ‘Oopsy Daisy’… But who knew?!

Props to Ms. D

Check her on her Myspace

She’s not even unattractive to not feature in the video. Damn industry.



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2 responses to ““Oops [he] did it again”

  1. So basically, Chipmunk tried to hide what the singer looks like, an you go and bait her up.

    Ralph!!! – You’re definitely a guyyyyyyyymannnnn!

  2. Damn! The industry is a MESS!, Told you before.

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