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“Oops [he] did it again”

I’m all about giving props where it’s due.

I can’t get around the fact that some artists self proclaim themselves to be on a level where the people that help them aren’t worth the gratitude or even a mere name drop to keep everyone happy.

Chipmunk by all means of the phrase is a good artist but whether it’s a management thing or by his own desgretion, doesn’t acknowledge the people he works with.

1st it was Emelie Sande who the public had to search for to get a name… Now it’s Dayo.

One of the Urban Development Vocal Collective members sang the hook for ‘Oopsy Daisy’… But who knew?!

Props to Ms. D

Check her on her Myspace

She’s not even unattractive to not feature in the video. Damn industry.


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Bring back the U.K ting BRING IT BACK!

I’m hearing this n that about all these U.K grime artists hitting the charts:

Tinchy Stryder (#1 for 3 weeks with Number 1)

Wiley (#2 with Wearing My Rolex)

Ironik?! (#5 with Tiny Dancer)

Chipmunk (#6 with Diamond Rings)


But people are tryna forget about the song singing peoples dem.


Daniel Merriweather

James Morrison

He’s so good I had to up him twice. Pause.

Now introducing Paloma Faith

Most may not know this aka all of you, but she use to be my uncle’s girlfriend* shortly before her management said it wasn’t a good career move to be involved with a Nigerian. Heidi Klum got parred straight.

* That is a lie but I wouldn’t put it past him.

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Why do you bite your lip??!?!!

No homo.

Contradiction number 1: No homo is used more so as a statement for one’s sexuality in response to a homosexual phrases that one has made. It is not at all saying that your phrase is not gay but infact you realise how gay it is and for some reason find it funny.

No homo is for kids.

‘Homeless’ is the ANOMALY in my vocab??!?!!


NO HOMO (I say this as I noticed something some may say I should leave the girls to point out)


I don’t think (‘cus you get me… man don’t swing that way init bled) that it’s ‘attractive’ but everytime I see this chap… CHOMP CHOMP!


If someone one says anything that I don’t like…. EVVVVVVVVVVVVERYBADY SHARRRRAP!

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Pop diddy pop

Chipmunk’s new video for ‘Chip diddy pop’

The tune isn’t grime BUT still is good.

I see hes getting on what makes money (may not be the realist of ways but it buys the stone islands).

Despite the ironiks that make a transition, chip can do it and i’m sure he’ll switch back to the raw stuff soon.


Video gets a 8.89 out of 10. The tune gets a …. well watch it.


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Nando’s DUN DUN IT!

Me Andrea & Tasha J went on a little exploration.

Due to them both missing my bday (‘Its a ting ting!’) we hit Nandos on a quick ting and went mad!

Tasha had a loyalty card… A LOYALTY CARD? I didn’t know nandos did them but if you know what they arw about then you’ll know I had to get mine…. FREE WHOLE CHICKEN MY NIG!

T  J is my guy (no hetro)! She didn’t care about people eating – She brought out her cam and started snapping like crazy – pics come soon SIDEBAR: Slippin’ pics are the best.

After Nandos we cab’d it back to Andrea’s house cus she DIDN’T BRING A COAT OUT! ‘She must be SICK INA HEAD!’. The cab driver tried it. Charged us £19 to get from Stratford station to Beckton then to Canning Town station like to say he wasn’t going no moe than 30 on teh motor way. Par.

Westend. Next ting. Xait ting. Saw people I knew in seconds (Aight Martin calm down lol).

Hit HMV now so Tasha could get her ‘Chipmunk’s The Beast’ Singles for her peoples… Also cop’d a Spongebob poster for Andrea… ‘GUY MAN CARTOON.’

TASHA WAS NOT MESSING AROUND. I’m all there thinkin’ that we off back to base but no no no… we had to hit the apple store. In… Transaction… facebook (Andrea)… out. SIDEBAR 2: THE 8900 IS THE ISH BABY!

But back to nando’s… we don’t do MacDonalds no more (The circle know what i’m saying) but it had to get backed this once.





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