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You should know by now…

I LUV LIVE… I’ve had better but not to say that this wasn’t jam packed was eventful events?!?!!

Me and Igbo boy strolled in pimpin’ like your grandfather with immaculate tekkas?

So… SO!?… Update the lingo… atleast understand it…

But yh… Uncommonly I wasn’t use to what I was wearing; woke up late for ‘uni’ so I slapped on whatever. Will looking like Neyo as normal doh.

CATCH THE REVIEW ON http://www.urbandevelopment.co.uk/

Saw a coupla of compardres in the venue too… Could of used more of the blogging famo for vibes.

If you don’t already know about ILUVLIVE, it’s a showcase of live REAL music staright to your face bypassing the ear drums! This month whitnessed the likes of Self  Taught beats, Katie Pearl, ‘Princess’ Nya puls more doing them like no other can.

The Dub plate Drama familia rolled through with ‘Hyper! Marcie! Fen! Phonix!’ bringing forth their dancers for ‘the biggest tune of ’09’… BRING BACK THE BOGLE!?


Big D in the building!


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