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Swift parody

This still made me laugh in spite of my recent illness.

Man up Ralph

My parody is coming soon…


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Nostalgia is…

If I could only describe the feeling that took over me as I watched this one minute clips… It was like when I learnt how to ride a bike or when an old lady from yester year called me ‘Nicca’* for the first time… I was around 8 but I still wanted to cut her throat just as slow as I would do it now.

Nostalgia is….

Alternatively, I was going to say ‘or when I first buss a nut… Oh how I long for conkers to come back’ but I thought I’ll leave you with an eye opener. No bukkake.

“Racism is still alive, they just be concealing it”. There is yet to be a mix race or grey album. Think about it.


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Who’s gona run the G Sting tonight?!

Adaggio is definitely trying to cement his comeback; work rate is a lot.

Be sure to watch every second of it.


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Red eye

Two tunes that are keeping me awake – cake, supermalt and a variety of MILF’s are failing my attention


Sidebar: Moment of silence for the real MILFs that have graced my eyes and my dreams.


Arclight Theatretichina arnold essence faceNia Longlisaraye

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Where is he?! WHERE IS HE?!

I can’t see Kanye West ANYWHERE….

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“This is not my best”

Lol @ Everything

Hand movements on point. Research on point. Ending jokes!


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You’ll ‘Make Her Say’ what exactly?

I’m feeling the video but it does take away the head nodding factor away; it’s a tad too mellow.

The split screen look is executed well however it begs the question will it be re-edited for broadcasting quality aka bare swear words ‘n ting.

I would give it a rating but f that ish homie… the video and tune are on a different spectrum yah feel me?

Sidebar: Video 6.8/10

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