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Female dog

I’ve always liked Lil’ Narst as an MC.


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‘Where did Kanye get his swagger from?’


If you lock on to www.urbandevelopment.co.uk on a regular basis, you’ll be already clued up to this. For the small minority who don’t, the 23rd can’t be missed (unfortunately I won’t be able to see it but I’ll be there in spirit)


This audio is just a preview of the work put into the festivities.

UD Vocal Collective ft Shezar & Ghetts – UD (UK’s Moving)

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**Boxes: Great for storage, terrible for musicians.**

**Boxes: Great for storage, terrible for musicians.**

MPHO, Ghetts, Roachford, Marvell and Leon Jean-Marie take collaboration to the next level @ Re:Definition, Thursday, 23rd July 2009

Re:Definition is to be held at Stratford Circus on Thursday, 23rd July and promises to be an exciting night of live music; a fusion of styles from a selection of homegrown talent sharing their passion for creativity through collaboration.

Leave your preconceptions at home and step into a world where everything inside is outside of the box. Homegrown heroes Ghetts, Leon Jean-Marie, Roses Gabor, The Thirst and Marvell mix it up with kindred spirits from the other side of the genre divide to create in the studio and share on stage. Think fantasy football league for music fans.

Add UK soul legend Roachford, pop maverick MPHO, drum n bass songstress Jenna G, UK Funky dons Crazy Cousinz plus a live band and you have the makings of an unmissable event. Re:Definition will also feature a screening of a short film inspired by project. Reserve your seat for a musical excursion set to take urban music beyond the city limits. The evening will also feature a screening of a short film inspired by the project.

Venue: Stratford Circus, E15 1BX
Date: Thursday, 23rd July 2009
Doors: 7:30pm
Showtime: 8pm
Tickets: £12/8 (conc.)

Tickets on sale now! Call box office on
08443572625 or visit Stratford Circus website

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Allow me to RE:introduce myself…

Even though I didn’t go any where… I think I need to say


Just to let the blogging fleshlings know what’s really… What’s the word I’m looking for? Ah yes!… SCOOM!

Moving on…

23rd of July 2009… BIG TINGS!

Urban Development in association with a WHOLE lot of things will be bring you… EVERYTHING!

Love music. Love urban. Experience development.



Click for more information

Sidebar: The blog roll is gona get healthy with etc etc once laptops get opened.

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Only Matt Parkman!

Who knows about Heroes?

‘I bet you didn’t think I took that one’

Volume 5 is gona be the ting… Lucky they stopped before exams ‘cus… Say nay.

Speaking about Heroes…

Jazzie is [insert synonym for jokes here]

Sidebar: 1st monday of each month… I LUV LIVE! BE THERE!

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Rude Kid Interview

I caught up with the Alien producer himself to hear what he has planned for the near future and to see if U.F.Os are on his agendar.

Name: Rude Kid/ Rudes

Age: How old do I look to you?

Location: East London

Profession: Producer

Q: How you doing Mr Kid? What’s your planet saying?

A: I’m very well right now brother, everything is going nice… and my planet is lovely lol… Madman!

Q: How’s the feedback from Sing For Me coming along?

A:Sing for me got a bigger feedback then I expected. I fink that goes for the same for Ghetts as well, like obviously a lot of people wanted to see a video for it so Ghetts did the video, but like after he recorded sing for me, I was jus sitting’ at home and thought ‘let me make like a dance/electro/funky remix of it’, next thing I no the tunes been signed by a major record label. So really sing for me is like my first tune to get a record deal and same with Ghetts as well but he actually got signed by the label. That just shows you how powerful the tune is. If you went to Kano’s launch party in the 02 arena you would know.

Q: What are you working on now? More projects with Ghetts or any other artist?

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I think i’m going mad yah nah?!?!?

Despite my ‘actions’ in previous posts of boredom, I don’t think i’m going mad…


Youtube isn’t helping.

I’ve already NOOGED all I can, thanks to GrimeDaily.com, well thats what I thought…

Dogzilla is a shower pub land lord inna dis…

‘You can shout as much as you want at my house’ – Tim ‘Homeless’ Westwood


Thanks to those who watch me turn nuts…

If there was a 'Reservoir Cats' she would be 'Miss Pink'

If there was a 'Reservoir Cats' she would be 'Miss Pink'

I go mad over chicken yah nah? – ‘just ‘cus i’m the skinny sort, don’t think I wont box down food’

Large up Aunty's (not my Aunty but yh...)

Large up Aunty's (not my Aunty but yh...)

Mali, i’m still awaiting on that good ish (no feces)


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