Skype calls have benefited me in a major way!

I’ve recently got my new MACBERRY


At this point I would like to make you all aware that I do have a Blackberry

Boo I hear you say!?

In my defense I had it before it was a ‘hype’ and there were songs made for it as well as it actually helping me with the life I have now (don’t ask)

My peoples dem have indirectly made me think why am I doing what I do but that’s for another day

Sidebar: I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but even the joke is at my expense, a joke is a joke… My skin is tougher than Lacey Duvalle’s neck back. BRA KA KA KA KAAAA!



I remember in a past skype convo with the cool kids, cool kid S aka Sian aka parring is my second language aka Curly Fry

Photo 196(CURLY FRY! GAGAGAGAGA… I crack myself up… But I would doh… don’t ask bad man ANYTHING! ANYTHING? YH ANYTHING!… SKADOOSH)

played one tune that didn’t do justice over the net but with the help of google…

Screen shot 2009-09-07 at 01.27.42NNEKA YOUR WHOLE FACE TOP RUDE BOY!

That’s one wicked product from the mother land


I’m currently watching MTV BASE and saw another female who may be from them corners of the world.

I say may as the Internet lies about BARE stuff so yh…

Sidebar: J2K is nang.

Sidebar 2: I only just realised that its MTV BASE and not MTV BASS

Go figure.


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