You a sucker for what!??!!?

Wondered how fashion is the other side of the Thames? France you say!? Nah… A tad bit further. ‘Fashion is universal’… Is it for real? Oliver Winkler of Sucker4clothes blog says a lil’ something something about a whole lot of everything…

How you doing Oliver?

I’m fine thanks just chilling because yesterday I was at Asher Roth’s concert here at Cologne (Germany) and it was hella crazy.

Thanks for the invite… JEEZ! How’s the dress sense in your parts? What’s your attire like?

It’s different to say the least. I’d describe my style as a mix between street wear and high fashion. I have no problem with mixing both since I think it’s such a dope look. Yesterday at the concert I was rocking my Play tee by Comme des Garcons combined with a vintage H&M vest (that a good friend of mine had prepared for me), a plain black denim and my black/pink Reebok Reverse Jam and don’t forget about my pink G-Shock to complete the outfit. At the end I would say put together what you really like. An outfit out of only one brand or high fashion from head to toe looks stupid IMO.

WOW… Strong words. You visited London recently to do a bit of shopping, how did you find the fashion here compared to that of Germany? Is there a fashion scene there? 3

The fashion scene in London was dope. I fell in love with London because comparing to Germany the people got much more sense for fashion. In my opinion there are only a few good shops in Germany such as Firmament where you can get really dope stuff. In London I was able to visit so many hot shops such as Bape, Dover Street Market and many more. It was good to see brands like Original Fake, Supreme and definitely some high fashion brands like Comme des Garcons. I have been to Berlin this year                only a few times before I went London and I was kind of disappointed about the shops and Germany’s fashion scene. I’d rather save my money and go shopping in London. LONDON IS THE SHIT!

How do you come across fashion? Is it a thing where your eyes are just always open or you like certain people’s style so you run with it?

When I’m thinking about me as kid (the things that I can remember) I remember myself always been in some dope stuff I have to blame my mum that I’m a Sucker4Clothes. I was rocking that vintage Benetton s**t with that big teddy crew neck and stuff. I have to be honest, there have been a few years where I was rocking that ‘hip hop’                 fashion, but don’t blame me on this one because everybody was wearing it… (Laughs) even Kanye West. Apropos Kanye West he is definitely the most influential person in fashion for me. He is inspiring in so many ways because I’d never thought about rocking some skinny jeans and stuff. Right now I’m really into fashion and I’m really open minded at the moment I got mad love for street wear and also for high fashion brands that I’ve already mentioned.

1Where do you see fashion going in the next year or so? Do you think people will start wearing dressing gowns as normal attire? Fashion is wacky!

It’s good to see when people take fashion seriously. I hate when people open their closet and take out their outfit without thinking about it. You have to put together your outfit wisely because clothes make the man. You have to separate between fashion and fashion IMO. A 10 € tee from H&M is something different than a 80 € tee by Comme des Garcons but some people don’t see the difference. For me, some tees are something special you don’t wear them any day. At the end, my wish is that everybody would be more interested in fashion because without it my life would make no sense (laughs).

WOW again. Is that how your life is for real? The T-shirt game. A lot of people are becoming one with machinery and printing what they like… What’s your perception on this? Is this fashion?

I think it depends on the design and the designer. Honestly, I think that stupid designs which you get in every printing shop like that ‘fun’ design are whack. If you really take it seriously, then I’d call it fashion because you want to dress people up with the stuff you got in mind. It’s a big step creating your own clothing line which I’m about to do right now. I can only speak for myself; I’ve always got love for fashion and have been always scribbling down some ideas but I’ve yet to execute it in the open. Primarily it’s not all about the money – it’s about actualizing my dreams. I want to be a designer I really look up to Karl Lagerfeld – so many people hate him but I think he is THE fashion icon.

Fair play to you. Favourite designer currently? Favourite designer of all time? One to look out for?

(Laughs) as you have already noticed I got mad love for Commes des Garcons but I have to keep it seriously I really love Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Karl Lagerfeld, Lanvin, Pierre Hardy and many more but right now I have not the money to get high fashion stuff. I really love street wear and when it comes to street wear brands, I have to give it to 10.Deep. Man I LOVE their stuff. I also love Mishka, The Hundreds + million and one more, just check the blog (laughs). I only post the stuff of my favourite brands.

Does music influence fashion or is it vice versa? What do you think of major labels thinking their clothes have been ‘dumb it downed’ when the likes of Soulja Boy wear it?

I have to say fashion can’t live without music and the other way around. About the dumb it downed part, it’s hard to say it can either be push forward or push back. It’s a double-edged-sword.

Blogging aids fashion right!?

Yeah! Some people aren’t educated about fashion and do seek to blogs for help also if they don’t listen to their parents, maybe they’ll take notice when for example NERD is doing a aids campaign with H&M so they get aware of the whole aids scenario. See what I did there!?

Cool beans.

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