Despite not hearing a wild swarm of bee’s buzz around the young west Londoner’s name, the talent is evident and sure to smack your ear drums with classic yet innovative styles. Mr Henry ‘Taketwo’ Moller, the founder of ‘FreakOlogical Apparel’ is due to release a new line so I thought it was only right to catch up with the progress, one freak to another…

How you doing Mr Freaky? No homo btw…. That’ll be a next ting.

(laughs) I’m nice man, life’s good right now.

Freakological? Why exactly? The name is cool and it’s hard to forget but I’m just thinking what got you thinking to start thinking the thought that you thought which Freakological was? What’s the ‘logic’ behind it?

A lot of people ask me this question, and to be honest at first I just liked the name, but the ‘logic’ behind the name is pretty simple…Everyone has a freaky side and a logical side in their lives. “Freakological is the Insane, Sane part of life.”

So do you do this all by yourself?

I started FreakOlogical from scratch, with nothing, from nothing. It’s mostly done by me but we’re working with various other designers and companies to accomplish the goals which FreakOlogical have.

How is the process been since you’ve got the line off the ground regarding publicity etc. Any big names supporting what you do?


FreakOlogical @ The 02

Since our launch @ Matter (the O2) on the 19th June, the response has been immense, we’ve had tons of people getting involved in various sides of the company, starting off was difficult to get the name out there but I feel we’ve established a name and a strong fan base on and offline. We’re sponsoring various artists which we will announce soon 🙂 but we’ve had previous support from artists such as, Skepta, K.I.G Family, The Streets, Generals Ent, Basement Jaxx, Brookes Brothers, Nappaman K, Wordplay and various other artists.

What’s the inspiration for all this? Why didn’t you pick up a microphone or a camera instead?

I’ve always been interested in fashion and making a statement since I was a ‘yout’ so I guess making my own label was a way to voice my views, a lot of people don’t know that I’m also a UK Hip Hop ‘rapper’ and make Dubstep music as well, more as a hobby, but I guess it’s had some effect on the clothes I design and put out.

How is it being independent? Many people go into the clothing business thinking ‘yh ima print a couple t shirts and boom’ but in reality, how is it for Freakological? Or is that the case?

I think being independent is a plus; I can put out what I like, when I like and do it however I like it….Which is unlike any major clothing line. There are a lot of cut corners when you’re an independent line. I do see a lot of people putting out a few T-Shirts and calling themselves a ‘label’. I think the difference between FreakOlogical and those types of lines are the ambitions we as a company hold. We’re looking to expand and start opening ‘Independent’ shops all across the UK. We’re launching our first store in West London in the next few months. This will stock ONLY Independent clothing and music. It’s going to be called “BeFreaky!” Ralph you’re the ONLY one who knows this!

freakotees1Is there any other clothing line you hear about that you think can do well or even wish they weren’t about ‘seeing that they’re crud?

To be real, I see a lot of clothing lines coming through and not many of them are showing me anything different or interesting. There are various lines which I personally support such as, Teamwhyme? & BeYou! Apparel and of course Influences such as Ugly Kids Club, Urban Nerds, DWi…Other than that, I’m not paying too much attention to any other lines. All due respect to them though! Everyone has to do their thing.

Mr Henry ‘Taketwo’ Moller, since you seem to like freaks looking at all the slogan ideas you have in mind, in the history of the freaks, what freak has been the freakiest? What freak was the fricking best freak? Favourite freak of all time?

EVERYONE has a freaky side. I’m a freak, you’re a freak, and you’re Mum, Dad, Dog, Auntie and Uncle are freaks…So…You tell me who’s freakiest?

Not my mum your mum, switch your mum with that mum, switch that mum with that mum…

What type of freak would you want to be? What characteristics?

AM the freakiest boss about! I wouldn’t want to be any other freak 🙂 BUT, saying that, I wouldn’t mind knowing what freak everyone else thinks they are…

What are the new designs in the pipe line? New slogans? Anything new? Obviously you don’t want to say much but you know how Ralph Hardy likes a good exclusive yah dig!?

Alright, let me break it down, give Ralph Hardy the down low, the info that NO one else knows…FreakOlogical are releasing 4 collections in the VERY near future. The collection names are “I’maFreak.”, “Ghetto Lego, From the Block”, “FreakyKids.”, “BeFreaky” and another little something something. That’s not all, in December, we will be launching our own events with a few BIG BIG headliners. I don’t want to say too much. All I will say, is THIS…IS…JUST….THE…BEGINNING! – Ralph Hardy will get the all the down low exclusives before anyone else… Its official I said it, so watch out for Mr Hardy!

Hail up another black brother… Even doh you’re white… You get what I’m saying?!

So where can the people catch you and your garments?

Basically, I am ALL over the WorldWideWeb! So Tweet me, Facebook me, Myspace me WHATEVER! Support the cause!


Check em’ and support us!

You can also catch our garms @ our very own store in West London – all details are on the Facebook page!


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