Black Chills baby!

I’ve been tryna get my writing mode on but for those who isolate themselves know it isn’t as easy as one would think.

So what happens if the education period is done? You think teh library closes? SHATTAP! Mans about there getting the work in. It’s not even a joke. Amusing yes – ‘my mans going to the library during the summer?!’ – PAUSE!

LSE is the quiet zone. Good zoning. No bonner.

In the busy summer i’ve also got back to my media roots with some old guys that kidnapped me when I was like 16 and gave me a coupla words of wisdom and my own chair… Yh you know them ones where your knee is ouching some part of the chair and you have to keep your back straight… Sehk



This took me TIIIME to read but it just shows how old these people dem are. Par.


If you already don’t know…. SLAP!

'I Miss My Love' on repeat

'I Miss My Love' on repeat


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