Sleeping with mates…


Before any one gasps at he title of the post, its not what you think or I intend to lead you to believe. I am not saying under any circumstances, both conscious or a crazy party with drugs and tit-tays, should you sleep with your mate. I don’t know anyone who has done that and good has come of it… Ask Wineo… Pete was just someone she stood in the cue with…

What I’m trying to get at is sleeping AND mates.


Everyone likes mates, everyone likes companions, everyone likes friends… Friends?! FRIENDS!? Yes. I said friends. Without them life would be a place where you had no one to share the last bit of hard dough bread your mum told you to save for your brother or the place where you had to speak to yourself ‘cus the closest person to you is a 69 year old freedom pass holder, bingo player, false teeth wearer, old home visitor,  ally pally was new tings when they were a raver.

Let me not ramble. Everyone needs mates.

Everyone needs sleep.

Don’t lie. We all enjoy sleep. The sleep when you wake up you can barely see as it’s all in your eyes still and if you blink to fast it falls in and you panic frantically until you pace yourself, walk to your mirror and gently pick it out. The sleep where you can almost make out a face in your pillow made by the druel form the past hours of dreaming about how Keri Hilson and Esther Baxter found out they were bisexual in your presence. Now THATS some good sleep.

Sleep is only enhanced with your mates around (which is slightly a contradiction as I know when I’m around my mates late we just talk excessively and end up not sleeping).

Prime example of how sleeping with mates is enjoyable…

One thing… Look at the nails.

Happy blogging my blogging family.


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