Fahk Sponge Bob

I hate Sponge Bob.

If he was a real person I may even hate him more than Jeremy Kyle or Ben from Eastenders.

He is just one massive prick. No homo.

It’s due to all these under legal year olds wearing his PJ’s ON ROAD like to say Bananas in Pyjamas have a CD coming out in stores.

Q. When is it cool to like cartoon characters to the point you forget yourself? A. Never




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3 responses to “Fahk Sponge Bob

  1. DDR


    20minute timeout don’t count outside Skype so HA!

    Anyhow…ALLOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW this demonic picture, what did SpongeBob do to YOU?!?

    You’ve DEEPLY upset me! [hmph].

  2. “Sublow’s pending, message delivered” {Dot’s voice}

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