Tune of the Moment…

1. Mark my words… I will know the lyrics at a later date -,-

2. I need my tinted ASAP or I will slap coke sniffers twice as hard when they offer me the Big Issue. That’s a lie but in no relation to Kid Bliss… Nice blog url too if I don’t mind saying… Cough swine swine sneeze cough

3. My mum was just in my room (yes for the readers who though I was a bigga man like Bigz or Mark Henry, I am still at home and ‘I am white, I am a fahkin bum, I do live in the trailer wit my mum, my boy future is an Uncle Tom??? I do got a dumb friend named Cheddar Bob who shoots himself in his leg with his own gun! I did get jumped by all 6 of you chumps and Wink did fahk my girl! I’m still standin here screamin fahk the Free World!’) and we both said nothing… NOTHING! I’ll give her a hug in the day light… I know that’ll piss her off.


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  1. Dun kno the mime artist.

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