Kiss my neck, kiss my chest and kiss below my waist (8)

The timeless thought thought by those who think they thought they were goons until they read this and thought twice… Something like thought thought. Geddit? Think again.


Ain’t used that one in a minute.

Why are there a sudden decrease in ‘road man’???

I’m not complaining in the slightest but I’m seeing more and more males showing affection.

Yh I know… Shocking right?

The few who are like walking-10-steps-all-over-the-gaf-just-to-avoid-other-girls-clocking-face mandem are about… And humorous. Note to wastemen: your making it more obvious.


The question that begs itself to be answered is… What happens behind closed doors.

Do the road man get their knees dirty?

Do the ‘sweet boys’ bring out the bondage?

Do the ‘I wouldn’t do that’ girls… Do it?

Find out next time in….

‘The Adventure’s of mind your own frickin’ business and do what you do yahsemme?!’


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