June the 1st review… On the 20th.

June the 1st was the day were ‘Catch Me If You Can’, ‘Race Against Time’ & ‘Microphone Champion’ was suppose to drop but buy a grime fan from day 2 I knew that June 1st was a typo for another number like 6 or 7 as it involved Wiley. Par for the novice.

Now that I have heard all 3 albums my opinion can be finally bestowed upon the blogging world.

‘Catch Me If You Can’ has been reviewed by a number of people (Large up Ms Kaydine) that seem to know what they’re talking about but I can’t help but thinking that some aren’t being true to the art form.

Even though Bashy hasn’t self proclaimed himself as a ‘Grime artist’, he was ‘bought up’ in it and fails to put any grime sounding track on his album and I’m not talking about him putting any 140 grime st sounding grime on it, he didn’t put any… Period.

‘Millionaire’ can’t be knocked as a big tune but we all know an album can’t survive on one track… And this hasn’t.

‘Travel The World’ got me nodding my head on a mad one as I was waiting for when he will say Nigeria. No disappointments there. By using the chorus hit maker at the moment, Dappy, was only going to be a smart idea. Even though it’s not singing singing, Dappy is a SINGERS! NA NA NAIIII!

‘Copy Cat’ touched me on a personal one. Big concept! I’m surprised it hadn’t been touched upon by anyone else. The children’s voice in the tune aided the idea of immature people see what they like then try emulate it. Simple lyrics and simple flows but I dig that with Bashy… Pause.

I salute him for bring back memories with ‘Before Before’. I’m hearing all his influences but I cant hear any. Yah dig?

‘Ransom’ is a hit. The video is good watch. I’m waiting for the remix or part 2 or something. Wretch & Scorcher on the feature only enhanced the listening.

Bashy is a soulful type of artist which is evident form this piece but even doh there was no sign of it from his recent works, I couldn’t help and want to hear some of that ‘YOU CAN’T BE ME STAR!’ Bashy, at least on one track.

Hearing some tunes being performed at ILUVLIVE’s 5th birthday made me want to hear it all live/ acoustically as it was just simply better. The features from the ‘non bait’ artist highlights how Bish Bash believes in music and new talent – Not all that ‘I’ll put him on ‘cus he is the talk of the town now’

Why he put ‘We Can Do Anything’ on the album which was taken from his ’06 ‘The Chupa Chups Mixtape’ I don’t know.

The album as a whole is well produced and got a coupla catchy lines in it. I don’t feel it when he sounds like he’s crying doh but I can seem myself vibesin’ to it more during ‘them times’. I lied. ‘Before I Die’ is emotional.

I can’t see it staying on a 4gb iPod (if I had one, I’m on that 80gb ting tings) but there ain’t a flaw on it, just not one of the 365 albums. All the tracks come together to give a some what feel of his musical career and journey to where he is now but with the current climate, is that going to sell? He kept it true to himself and that’s all we could ask for.

Rating: 5.7/ 10

Favourite track on the album: ‘Living My Dream’ ft Sirach Charles


‘Race Against Time’ was worth the wait. Let me not bore you. All tracks… Wheelers.

‘Microphone Champion’… Confused emotions… Overall 3 thumbs up. Alien style.



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