Take away the W… Take away the y…

I’ve heard mixed reviews on the ‘reply’ Skepta made to his fellow BBK member.

Sidebar: Do you think Kano payed Wiley to preform at the 140 Grime street launch?

It’s been said to have been a poor outburst as Wiley has sold more with ‘Race Against Time’ that Skepta has with ‘Microphone Champion’ despite it being out for a shorter time.

I’ve even been told that the chorus is ‘wack’ and the beat is poor. Well Will, the chorus is catchy to sing along to, which ever good slew needs, aswell as the beat not being anything like the likes of  ‘Stageshow Riddim’ or ‘DTI remix’ but it compliments the lyrics so… BOOM BAM!?

Whats I’M waiting for is the reply to it and how long it will be ’till Ghetts makes a tune for Skeppy after his review on his album and his dig at ‘also known as H A Y… ‘Cus if [he] gets P’s hes good…’ So on and so forth, and how long it will take Logan Sama to steal the ratings Westwood has been getting recently with a new ‘War Report’.

Big up S.B TV for this exclusive.


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