Why do you bite your lip??!?!!

No homo.

Contradiction number 1: No homo is used more so as a statement for one’s sexuality in response to a homosexual phrases that one has made. It is not at all saying that your phrase is not gay but infact you realise how gay it is and for some reason find it funny.

No homo is for kids.

‘Homeless’ is the ANOMALY in my vocab??!?!!


NO HOMO (I say this as I noticed something some may say I should leave the girls to point out)


I don’t think (‘cus you get me… man don’t swing that way init bled) that it’s ‘attractive’ but everytime I see this chap… CHOMP CHOMP!


If someone one says anything that I don’t like…. EVVVVVVVVVVVVERYBADY SHARRRRAP!


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