Jimmy Carr thinking points…

I was watching one of my comedy dvd’s mid revision… you know my attention length… short as a  piece of string?!

Came to the conclusion that Jimmy Carr is definitely not the most boring person alive.

His thinking points drove… drove? DROVE?!? me to think like a mad man once again, doing what I do, Living it my way… I get it in.

Pardon me going over seas with this one but nothing is happening in my home town

Sidebar: Adele and Duffy are nang! Listen to Cold shoulder then Warwick avenue after… MARD SING ALONGS!


1st things first… RON BROWNZ MAD NAS’ ETHER… .ETHER!!?!

How can one next old autotune guy make one of the best diss tunes ever… Yh no Wiley, Scorcher, 50, or even Ghetts at the top of this list.





Say nay.

I’ll deal with the coloured one doh… round round baby for real.


T.I is inside… again… for having an army of guns in his home… yet he only got a year? WOY!


When Jesus was born there was only like 7, 8 months (as far as my general knowledge is aware)… So how was he born in December… No Davinche Code talks despite that movie being dumbly stimulating.




Lol @ Mr Sama. The adamantium label was a product of watching… my bad… knowing x men?! Next ting.


Kelis divorced Nas.

She must thinks shes niiiiiiiiiiice with her sour milkshake.

‘All the Ghanaians shout Jimmy Jimmy with me’


Neyo is doing a tune with Marilyn Manson?!!


I’m just tryna get the numbers up…

ghIt’s a sign. You can’t take the Ghetto out of the ‘Justin Clarke Saaaaaamuel’


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  1. when i get to warwick avenueeeee (8)

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