‘My money don’t jingle… I’m folding it’

Success is the best revenge.

Who would of thought I’ll sleep in the library with a tooth brush flannel n all?

I did.

I did it. I shot the dictionary but I didn’t right click for synonyms (8)

Who as in Who’s blog? aka Mr Who… The Who… ‘Ay thats’s who doh!’ knows about revision… We have fun when the works done.


Sidebar: ‘They hum along like dah dah dah dah dah’…  WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT!

Marvel are on point. I duno about best crew Julie but they are on some Man U form… BIG UP ARSENAL FOR LIFE!

Shocka is the best in the crew. I don’t wana hear nothing about that… Unless you really wana voice it.


‘Back to the matter at hand… It can’t be real life…’

Holborn is the gaf. LSE is the institute. Law is the course… Law is by force. I do it for my kids kids. Say nay.

I’m cheating on media but with this gift no King Henry can try make divorce legal.

If I told you I was going uni this year it would be a lie. Who needs uni when your black, young, living in east London and… wait?? Hold on….


‘This year gona get finance money… Spending indomie and appliance money’


Underrated MC’s…

The age old question about who’s the best can go on and on until your mum forms powdered breast milk but let me just state some guys that get forgotten…

– Jendor… ‘I SAID GET DOWN!’

– J2K…

– Seb Zero… WHERE’D HE GO?!?!

If I missed someone then get at me.


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