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I was nagged to do it so don’t think my life is boring ‘cus i’m not ‘twitterberrying’… think y life is boring ‘cus it temporarily is. I lie.


Moving on swiftly… Let me talk to guys about gym.

Were at this time of the year where the girl’s are starting to wear skimpy outfits and guys tongue’s are jammin’ out of their mouth, but as of recent, why I don’t know, only the ‘hench’ guys are getting the 079.


I’m on the way home now and I see my little brothers friends hitting the gym… They are like 13. No home training + not listening in science class = The small generation.

It’s too late for those who want to start… You should of thought about all this in the coldest winter. Me on the other hand has NOOGED gym… But purely for the cardio… I GET IT IN!

‘Just ‘cus i’m the skinny sort don’t think you can F with me… It’s the principle my hearts cold like winter sports, skinny nicca so I swing with tools’

From a girl’s eyes, you need:

1) A Whip

2) ’10 stacks and a Ro-le homie’

3) Big Kahunas



Video gets a 7.9/10… Looking like ‘I Know’ a bit.

Why is Bizzle tryna get good!? HA!

Tiny is defo not tiny.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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One response to “‘TO LATE TO GO HARD… HARD!’ (8)

  1. loool….tune!
    lol your right…”we want a muscle man we dont want mr muscle”

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