My girl likes to… (8)

All these facebook mesages are taking the piss. I’m not gona beat around the bush.

Bar the events I actually attend, which is zero, the messsages are ‘ha… ha… hannoying’.

If it isn’t Rae Qwon it’s Mike Larry. WHY?!!?

They should know by now, the people that say that they are attending ARE NOT ROLLING!!!

Share the pain why don’t you…



Par?!… PAR?! You ask…

These Myspace chicks have jumped of that social and now have mastered the ‘Status change’… Don’t promote how bait you are by in DIE arghs!

‘SO AND SO is wondering whether to go out in shorts shorts or flourezent pink’

NO TYPO… THAT WAS FULLY COPY N PASTED OFF A STATUS… For your information she did get deleted straight away. SLAP!



I haven’t laughed so hard in about 3 days…





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2 responses to “My girl likes to… (8)

  1. Man dont understand how much im laughing! my head is going to fall off!

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