Rude Kid Interview

I caught up with the Alien producer himself to hear what he has planned for the near future and to see if U.F.Os are on his agendar.

Name: Rude Kid/ Rudes

Age: How old do I look to you?

Location: East London

Profession: Producer

Q: How you doing Mr Kid? What’s your planet saying?

A: I’m very well right now brother, everything is going nice… and my planet is lovely lol… Madman!

Q: How’s the feedback from Sing For Me coming along?

A:Sing for me got a bigger feedback then I expected. I fink that goes for the same for Ghetts as well, like obviously a lot of people wanted to see a video for it so Ghetts did the video, but like after he recorded sing for me, I was jus sitting’ at home and thought ‘let me make like a dance/electro/funky remix of it’, next thing I no the tunes been signed by a major record label. So really sing for me is like my first tune to get a record deal and same with Ghetts as well but he actually got signed by the label. That just shows you how powerful the tune is. If you went to Kano’s launch party in the 02 arena you would know.

Q: What are you working on now? More projects with Ghetts or any other artist?

A: Right now it’s like I’m working with the whole grime scene lol, but nah man I got a project with Kano going on, obviously more work with Ghetts for his album, made a tune for Skepta’s album, I fink there’s 3 of my tunes on Jammers mix tape, and other things, there’s just SO much going on to be honest, like I have to work every day to keep on top.

Q: So what? Can the people be expecting a ‘Rude kid Album’ or you bringing t-shirts out?

A: You know what for 2009, there is definitely going to be an Album from me. That’s gonna be my main project. I’m gonna block of the world and jus work on that, and t-shirts as well I got 1 sick ‘are you ready?’ t-shirt made by One Oak, I mite even get a batch of them, but I don’t know right now. T-shirts isn’t my concern.

Q: When did it hit you that ‘you’ve done it’? People years from now will be like ‘are you ready?’… I’m sure that slaps a smile on your face.

A: What have I done doe? I swear this is just the start for me, you can say I’m doing very well though, but on a real, I fink I can do much more den dis. When people talk about me on road, or forums, or even sometimes I hear cars driving past and they’re blasting my tune, or when I go to a rave an people are going’ mad over my tunes, that’s a good feeling, but I wouldn’t say I’ve done it.. YET!

Q: What beat/ tune do you want to be remembered for?

A: I don’t even know that’s a hard one, I’m sure I’m gonna make much better tunes, but for now I will say ‘sing for me’ since that is the most successful tune I’ve had.

Q: What beat do you wish you had made? Don’t tell me there isn’t one now…

A: Hmm… I wish I made Eskimo, Wiley’s tune… That started grime really. That’s what I think anyway. When people first heard that sound in Eskimo, it was a new style of music completely different to garage.

Q: let’s switch it up now. If aliens landed and tried a thing how would you react considering you make their music?

A:lool see what yeah, I called it Alien Muzik because we’re different, like Alien means different, then from that I jus made it like a theme ting, like adding mad sounds in some my tunes n’ that… But I fully don’t care about actual aliens..

Q: So you wouldn’t get Champ man to ‘hold ‘em a set’? Saying that, what’s in the pipe line for alien music? It’s all gone a bit quiet

A: HAHAHAHA NAH MAN… But anyway… You see what yh, Alien Muzik… everyone is living life init… some people have to look after their babies as well… But there’s another reason why we are quiet right now, Marger’s mix tape is nearly done just waiting for the mix down and artwork, Death star is coming out with a promo soon, Rival’s ‘Prince of Regent Lane’ mix tape is coming…Like there’s a lot coming from Nutcase, Kwam, Danny D and G-85. In 2009 you will see a music video from us as well.


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