I should of watched woman… NO HOMO!?

I went ‘uni’ yesterday thinking that I was going to get some work done…

1) It was overly OVERLY ram

2) the festering heat was unbearable.

So I decided like ‘BOOM’ to go watch a film… Going by myself? I thought nahhhh

Blackberry ‘Broadcast Message’ read:

‘I’m CRAVING a film right now. Alien vs monsters anyone? Who wants to save me from going on my Jack Jones?!?!?!’


My BB list isn’t small…

Some did say another day (cool init!) and UNFORTUNATELY Angie would take a pretty minute so that got the rescheduled too)


Am I lying? Went to watch WATCHMEN so I could enjoy Alien vs monster in that Dolby 5.1 boom blast to your ear 364758678 inch screen another day.


It had some lines in it that I though ‘yhhhh did he murk?!’, and that 300-esque editing that’s just on point but overall… I wouldn’t go again even if it was free.


Par to Roll Deep getting… well… parred at the door @ Club INC I think it is (well the club underneath the elevators in the 02 vue (that ain’t my normal spot doh… I forgot how close IMAX was to my original location)

Sidebar: J2K is NOT short.


I got home that evening and did work… WHICH IN AFFECT MADE ME WAKE UP LATE!

I repeat… ‘I’ll sleep at my wake’


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One response to “I should of watched woman… NO HOMO!?

  1. Drizzy Drake Rogers

    TOLD you about watchmen <<< no capital deserved.

    New layouts NOT s***

    [cyber lick]

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