St. Nigeria’s Day

St. Patrick’s day… Next hype!

Catching up with work…

Sorting my stuffs out…

Got assignments to do for Urban Development that I can’t ‘cud my Internet and laptop is down (I’m iTouching right now so shattap; writing on this just ain’t the same)

It just hit me recently how close St. Paddy’s day is to that Ghanian celebration. Tv Ireland?!?!! And Nigeria have the same patron saint


When I typed in Ireland it auto corrected to a capital I, but for Nigeria it stayed lower!???!!!!!!!!!



New funky house skank made by Julie but copywritten by…


Maraca skannnnkin'

Maraca skannnnkin'

‘a yo! What’s gwanin? For those who don’t know… They know me as London man Ralph’

Maraca skank blud!

Q. Did Kid cuds retired?

A. First of all, that sentence is gramatically shit and yes. Prick.

He is a wass man… With good tunes… something like ‘not being sure’. I lied. They’re not good. They’re G.O.O.D. GEDDIT? GEDDIT?




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5 responses to “St. Nigeria’s Day

  1. That suit looks SHARP?!!?

    Where were you going?

  2. ralphhardy

    Insitute of Learning; normal atire is ‘the’ atire.

  3. Takashi

    Dickhead ting

    “guess who”

    terrible photography

    Burn blackberries i despise them now

    Cudi with googly eyes mmmm XD

    yes i’m really writing like this

    i didnt air the text my internet connection aired it

    and parred me for days

    And so did my gran…

    wasting polaroid film

    but who said i was done?

    for you to post/submit

    where’s Bish Bash Bosh in blog roll


    i’m gonna faint on friday

    Go passed the “msg” :S


    Love/hate you really

    >T x

  4. ralphhardy


    BLUD!! I’m not in his… But for you…

    P.s this love/hate is getting old. Just love me. No incest.
    Its a weekend ting famalam.

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