On the morning of the 11th I was so annnnnnngry for a number of reasons. As the gentleman I am, I won’t let you ponder on whatever could of been the reason to my furious temper, but in fact tell you so you can attempt to feel my pain.


1. Had to borrow P off my Gran.

Some of you lot are thinking so? My reply thought is you have no morals. I don’t particularly like to borrow money, but the sheer fact I had to and it was from my Gran, put a whole in my manhood.

2. I got on tfl to get on tfl (bus to get on the train for you AR HARDS and that’s AIR HEADS for you AR HARDS) to see one of mt ex ex links and couldn’t even chat to her… Why you ask? ‘CUS MUMSY WAS ON THE BUS TOO!?! Sheg.

3. This is the biggie no smalls…. I missed my coach to Leicester. I got to Victoria coach station at approx 8:15 for a 8:30 departure. I’m walking to the actual place I should be whilst belling my friend who is already there (bear in mind they were there approx. 8am as I got one of them tmobile missed call texts when I got off the tube).
I belled them..


I replied…

‘Where are you!!???!?!’

Oh yh… I hate being late for stuff… White people time ain’t got nothing on me… Was that PC?… So?!!?!

They were like ‘your in the wrong place’

I thought cool. Now I have to meet them…

Coupla angry calls later I get to number 4.

4. Hot choc spilt down my leg!!! Not the whole thing but enough to get steam to come out of my ears.

Back to 3…
I meet them at 8:30 THINKING we got there just in time…

They were at the wrong coach stop.

Now we had to WALK FAST (who was on running doh?) To the right stop.

Yh you guessed it… Coach gone agen!!

‘I’m back doing it like no other, your at the wrong stop its like you lost collar
You don’t respect sense fam…Where’s my coach at?




The day ‘picked up’ after that.

Obviously couldn’t go home ‘cus man ain’t no jengaleng and the institute of learning kicked off already so I holla’d @ Guile.

Got to hers @ img00053-20090311-1026

MACs are only for MAC users… B’lee that.
I can use a MacBook pro to a G5 but when I use them… They are usually on.

Where is the on button on a G5?!!??!


Still facebooking on the BB @ [insert picture]

Listening to img00056-20090311-1208


You know when some people are just not zoots?!??!!??

Let this be a lesson to you all… When the tough gets going… The weak are behind, leaving you with an opportunity to BUY BUY BUY


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    Believe you were still logged in on my lappy. I just commented and it posted as you … I could have done A LOT.COM!

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